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zh?nɡ ɡuó xi?n z?i hái bù chénɡ rèn tónɡ xìnɡ li?n hūn yīn 中  �??��??� �??��?还�?�??�  �?认�??� �??� �??� �?婚�?姻�?Now in China,the gay relationship will not be permitted.

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A twin-type visitor space that features a sofa bed (width: ninety cm) As well as the furnishings from the Comfortable One visitor home

tái j? :? yì si shì?? z?n yánɡ �?qì zhònɡ ?��?�?:? ?????�  �?赞�??� �?�????�  �?tai ju usually means compliment,think highly of

Although You need to use the pink buttons to include tone marks, we remarkably suggest you employ the quantity strategy (e.g. hao3) for velocity and placement of the accent over the proper vowel. [Hint: Kind "v" for "ü"] Notice: You don't need to use this Software to enter pinyin With this dictionary.

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The Extended License gives you click here each of the legal rights granted with the Standard License, and also a chance to print our Imaginative data files a lot more than 500,000 times and lets you utilize them yourself merchandise.

chù bi?n bù jīnɡ �?bù ɡu?n shì shén me rén tí de zì �?t? d?u ɡuò qù zh?n z?i zì qián ,

Stephen states that he are going to be in his sixteenth calendar year with TVB as of the first of March, and he would like to do something that can have an effect on Culture Sooner or later.

l�??�LI?�X�?, ̄-Yu�?n�??�曩远�?.TANGXi�?�?��h�?o�??��??��?.XIA0Sh�?n�?Q�??� (�??��?)�??�a�?.�?�??e�?.J.Ch�?n�?s�?U�?i�?e�?s�?t�?e�?(�?辱学较

t? l?o rén ji? yónɡ yu?n shì zh? qi?n sh?nɡ ??tónɡ yì �?hú bú zì ??w? ɡè d? zì ,

You aren't the one a person in pain. Each and every residing point about the encounter from the earth has met with hardship. To receive as a result of this kind of moments, just one basically really should relax, and take the hands of buddies and Many others in the community.

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